Image Women, peace and security

Women, peace and security

When it comes to peace building, the image of peace activists who have sacrificed their youths and lives for the nation comes to mind. Most Nobel Peace Prize winners are men; and 52 of the laureates are women. Indeed, women have brought their shares in peace restoration in different parts of the world. The reason is that whether you go to developing countries or to developed nations, you can always hear cases of conflicts and violence.

The ambassador or peace, Prem Rawat, said that people want peace. He also said that unless each individual has attained their inner peace, it will be too challenging to promote world peace. Let us focus on the roles of women in peacekeeping and security in the world.

Restoring peace among the deprived ones

Among the most essential roles of women in peacekeeping, it is worth noting their contribution to ensuring serenity among the poorest. For example, through her foundation, the Missionaries of Charity, Mother Teresa could give homes to orphans in Kolkata, in addition to the creation of hospices and shelters.

Promoting disarmament

Without the intervention of women, it is hard to persuade militants to cease fire and refrain from using violence. The Nobel Peace Prize laureate Alva Myrdal from Sweden for instance promoted to the creation of areas where nuclear weapons are cracked down.

Defending human rights

Very few women were awarded the Nobel Peace Prize; yet, their involvement in peacekeeping has made a lot of impacts. In many cases, they defend human rights. For example, the intervention of women in peace building helped restore the rights of girls for education, like what happened in Iran when the Talibans deprived girls of their rights for knowledge.

Other women spoke out and denounced the atrocities imposed on children and women, which led to the re-establishment of human rights. Without such important input, peace cannot be attained. Among those women, we can cite just a few like: 

  • Aung San Suu Kyi from Myanmar 
  • Rigoberta Menchu Tum from Guatemala 
  • Shirin Ebadi from Iran

Campaigning against land mines You may not believe it that women have also made it possible to ban the sale and the use of land mines to annihilate humanity. It is common knowledge that when mines explode, they create severe cases of human losses and human damages. That is why the American peace advocate Jody Williams strived hard to the rights of us to live and be safe from harms.

Enhancing women's rights in peace building

In some countries, women are deprived of many of their rights, including the freedom of expression and the right for safety. However, due to the influence of women peacemakers, their rights are respected. In Yemen, for example, unless the journalist Tawakkol Karman led the peaceful struggle for civil liberties, women could not be granted the rights to contribute fully to the peace building.

Promoting ceasefire

When it comes to putting an end to wars and armed conflicts, it might be normal to think that it is mainly the duty of a mighty male leader. In fact, many women have made it possible to end violence in some conflicting zones of the world through peaceful movements. That certainly is the reason why the peace mediator Prem Rawat affirms that peace is possible.